Instructions for use after purchasing the product

Instructions for use after purchasing the product

customers must wear helmet while riding E-scooters (Max 25km/hour) and E-bikes (Max 32km/hour) by the law in BC. And drive and use in accordance with the requirements of local laws and regulations, otherwise any accident has nothing to do with our company.

2.Best charging procedure:
Plug it into the product's charging port first, and then plug it into the wall port. When the power supply is full, unplug the charger from the product first, and then unplug it from the wall.

3. Without the permission of the company, the original parts cannot be removed,changed, and any equipment and APP cannot be added to the battery, controller.

4. Allow normal decoration on the product items, for example, sticks. Bottle cage, etc.

5. Riding can be done on rainy and snowy days when it is safe to do. But you must dry the outside with a rag after use. Because salt in the snow will corrode them.

Please follow the above terms, if the illegal operation, caused by the problem, the company is not responsible for the maintenance within the warranty period. Parts and labor are charged separately. We appreciate for your understanding.