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1. Why do you choose MAXBIK? 
All E-BIKE and E-Scooter use high quality batteries from Panasonic, LG and Samsung etc. 
We provide excellent after-sales service. And professional technical support.
We have our product delivery center, after-sales service center and technical support center are all located in Surrey, BC. 
we have enough finished products and spare parts in stock, and we can provide on-site service in Metro Vancouver. BC. Canada.

2. What is the difference between electric bicycles and assisted bicycles
Answer: Electric bicycles are mainly battery-driven bicycles. Power-assisted bicycles are battery-driven and pedal-compatible bicycles. It is difficult to experience the joy of pedaling while riding electric bicycles, while power-assisted bicycles can fully enjoy riding and battery-powered experience.
3. Why use a 250W-350W motor?
Answer: The advantage of a power-assisted bicycle is that you can experience the experience of riding and battery driving at the same time. Therefore, battery driving is an auxiliary function. In order to match the appropriate battery capacity and make the riding more comfortable, we pay more attention to the matching of riding, so we don’t Need to use a high-power motor.

4. What are the key points of after-sales service?
Answer: The focus of the after-sales service lies in the three parts of battery, motor and electric control. This repair requires professional or manufacturer repair.
5. What'S In The Package?
The Package includes the whole bike (85% assembled, you are requiring to install the wheels, paddles, and seat) charger; and Tool pack for assembly.
6. The advantages of the company's products
(1) The most important part of power-assisted bicycles is battery-driven (PACK) produced by ourselves. We also provide battery-driven power for many famous power-assisted bicycles and electric bicycles in the world.
(2) We set up our product delivery center, after-sales service center and technical support center in Surrey, close to the market service, provide the longest after-sales and warranty time in the industry, and solve users' worries.



1)Can I leave the bike unused for about 3 to 6 months? What are the precautions should I take?
You can leave the bike unused for about 3-6 months. If you won't use your ebike for a long time, better fully charge it first, and activate it at least once a month. When battery is low ( less than 30%) , charge for 1-2 hours, or idling for half an hour every month.

2)Is this bike winter friendly? Can I buy winter tires?
Yes, this bike is winter friendly, you can ride anytime you want, just too cold to ride a long time in winter. Unlike cars, E-bike doesn’t have winter tires, a mountain flat tire is good enough.

3)If I don't use the pedals at all, how far\fast can I go with a single charge?
If you don’t use the pedals at all, you can go around 50 -70 kms with a single charge (vary by models). According to BC regulation, the speed limit is 32km/hr.

4) Where to buy mudguards / rear rack / metal fenders that will fit this bike?
You can buy the accessories in any bike shops.

5)How long does it take to charge the battery from empty to full?
It’ll take about 4 hour to charge the battery from empty to full, but better charge it before it goes down to 20%

6)Can the battery be solely used for propulsion or must the rider set off by pedaling?
The bike does have both a throttle and is pedal assist, so no pedaling is required to engage the motor at take off if throttle is used. Pedal assist just keeps you enjoy the fun of riding and increase the range.

7) Bicycle weight / battery weight?
The net weight of bicycle with batter is 25kg -27kg

8)Does it come with a kickstand?
Yes, it comes with a kickstand.

9)Is the battery water resistant in the pouring rain?
Yes, the battery is water resistant (IP67 level), you can definitely ride in the pouring rain.

10)Could flat tires be mounted on this bike, would it need different wheels or forks?
To ensure the optimum performance, tires, batteries, motors, and electronic controls must be purchased from the factory.

11)Will the bike be inspected for Quality and fully tuned before shipping ? Is it ship completely assembled or does this bike require any assembly?
Our ebikes are inspected thoroughly and go through QC at the factory. They are 85% assembled so when you receive the bike, you will only need to install the front wheel and bike seat . You can assemble the bike at home and ride it right away in minutes.
Also, you can visit our website to download the user manual or watch our assemble video. If required, we can provide technical support over the phone.
Furthermore, we can arrange completely assembled ebike delivered within Greater Vancouver area.

12)How much is it with an extra battery?
The battery is from $600-700 (vary by models). You’ll have 20% discount if you order with the ebike, we can ship the extra battery with Ebike in one box.

13)What is the W power of the motor? And the motor brand?
The W power of the motor is 250W-350W(vary by models). The motors are manufactured by Bafang or  Bosch, top brands in the ebike industry.

14)If I use the bike for commuting to work, can it be parked outside when it rain or snow? Or will it damage the bike?
You can park outside when it rains or snows, and it won’t damage the bike. But better take out the battery, otherwise it’ll get stolen.

15)Can the height of the handle bars be adjusted? If so by how much? If not can the stem and bars be replaced? what is the stem size?
The handle bars can be replaced except speed handle bars.

16)Does it have regenerative braking?
Yes, it has regenerative braking.

17)Can a thinner tire be put onto the rims?
No, for optimum performance, tires must be purchased from the factory.  

18)Can I attach a bike trailer to it?
Yes, you can attach a bike trailer to the ebike.

19)How many hours to fully charge on a standard 110V circuit? Is there any regenerative charging going down hills or does it only discharge?
It’ll take about 4 hrs to fully charge on a standard 110V circuit. They are regenerative charging going downhills.

20)What is the tire size?
It depends on the models, please visit our website for more details.

21)Can I ride it in heavy rain? Is the display assembly waterproof? Is the battery connection?
Of course, you can ride in heavy rain, our display and battery are water resistant ( IP 7 level)

22)How fast can it go without pedalling?
Max 32km/hr by law.

23)What about shipping? Is it possible to get it delivered on the weekend since i’m at work during the week?
We offer next day delivery in GVA ( including weekends and holidays), other domestic shipments will be arranged via ground service.

24)Can you disengaged the throttle due to some city regulations?
The electric assist is governed at 32km/hr which is the legal limit most places in Canada

25) Is it possible to mount fenders and a rack?
Yes, you can mount fenders and a rack.

26)I would like to install fenders on the bike along with a rear rack----are there drilled holes for this purpose? Also can the handlebars be adjusted?
Yes, you can install fenders on the bike along with a rear rack.

27)Is the battery is eligible for a replacement after water damage, it was supposed to be water resistant.
Yes, if it’s covered in the warranty.

28)If I buy this bike on Amazon, who do I contact for warranty?
Please contact our customer service in Surrey.

29)Can this bike be unlocked for off road use?
Unfortunately, our bikes cannot be changed or adjusted to go faster than 32km per hour. But you can choose our mountain flat tire ebike.

30)What’s the top speed of this bike if you’re pedalling?
No more than 32km/hr by law.

31)Does it come with a battery charger?
Each ebike will come with a battery charger and a tool kit.

32)Do you have to pedal?
You do not have to pedal, pedal assist will give you a longer battery life and distance comparing to just throttle. And you can do both at the same time.

33)Does the battery charge when peddling?
Our ebikes do not charge when pedaling, they are regenerative charging when going downhill.

34)Could you tell me what is the speed maximum? Can we adjust the level of speed?
The electric assist is governed at 32km/hr which is the legal limit most places in Canada.

35)Where can I get a motor replacement part?
Please contact our customer service center in Surrey.

36)Does it come with a universal charger? Can it be plugged in Europe? 220v?
The ebike comes with a factory charger (110V). If you need 220V, you have to order separately.

37)Is there a manual for a rear tire flat change?
Please visit our website and search for user manual, it’ll be the same as the normal bicycles.

38)How to remove speed limiter on this bike so it can go over 32km/h?
It’s not recommended to remove the speed limit, as the electric assist is governed at 32km/hr which is the legal limit most places in Canada. It will of course go faster going downhill.

39)Is battery removable for charging or do I need to charge it with the bike itself?
Yes, the battery is removable and you can charge it in your room or with the bike itself.

40)Is the Battery working in winter at -40 degrees?
No, at -20 degrees the lowest.

41)What kind of assembling needs to be done when the bike arrives
Very simple construction, you can watch our assemble tutorial on our website. A brand new e-bike comes 85% assembled. You only need to assemble the front wheel, front fender, handle, 2 pedals, seat, and rear rack if the model comes with one.

42)Does this bike come already assembled? How long will it take to assemble?
They are 85% assembled, so when you receive the bike you will only need to install the front wheel, handlebar, pedals, and seat, which you can finish within 10mins.

43)Is the battery charged on a regular wall plug-in?
Yes, any regular 110v wall plug.

44)Where is this shipped from? Where do I ship for servicing?
It’s shipped from our warehouse in Surrey, and if repair is required, you can return to our service center in Surrey.