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How To Set Up A New E-Bike?
A brand new e-bike comes 85% assembled. You only need to assemble the front wheel, front fender, handle, 2 pedals, seat, and rear rack if the model comes with one.

How To Install My Battery Pack?
The battery is shipped installed in bike. To detach the batter is just simply to lift and pull it out.

To charge the battery, plug in the key and turn clockwise. And then push and hold the switch till the green lights on.

Pre-Trip Inspection:
1、Make sure all contact points are fully tighten, specially the parts required self-assemble.
2、Confirm all mount points are tight.
3、Double check the evenness of the handle, make sure the bars are centred over the front wheel.
4、Adjust the front shock to the right level base on the road condition.
5、Turn the bike, and test the motor.
That’s it!

LCD Settings:
The LCD is the control system of the bike. On the left hand of the handle, there is a M button is to switch status between rate/average/maximum . The button with “+” and “-“ is to adjust power level.

How do I turn on my e-bike?
Push and hold the power switch on the left hand of the handle till the LCD screen is on.

How Do I Install The Bike Pedals?
1、Beware pedals are labelled Left and Right.
2、Both pedals will tighten toward the front of the bike, make sure that pedals are very tight.
3、You’ll want to inspect them after the first few rides.