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MX-35 Electric Bike Delivery Ebike 22"

CAD$ 1,899
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MAXBIK MK-35 Premium Quality Electric Bike E-Bike 48V 300W Motor Rear Drive E-Bike 10Ah Lithium Batter Pedal Assist Electric Bicycle 22". MX-35 is a model specially designed for urban takeaway express delivery. It has good riding stability and a large load capacity. An incubator is reserved in the rear seat. This car can be equipped with dual batteries to increase its endurance.
Length 200cm
Width 60cm
Height 110cm
Net Weight 36kg
Charger AC 100V-240V Smart Charge
Charging time 4-6 Hours
Throttle Optional
Mechanical Components
Frame Steel
Tyres 22 Inch
Rim Alloy One piece 
Chain Steel
Chain Wheel Steel
Rear Rack Yes With Delivery Basket
Saddle Normal
Packing Information
Cartion Size 1420*450*900
Container Load 65 UNITS/20FT 155 UNITS/40FT
Motor Brushless 300W
Battery Lithium Battery 48V 10AH
Sensor Type Speed Sensor
Displayer LED With 3 Mode
Climbing Capacity 12°
Front Fork Suspension Fork
Brake FR Drum Brake/RR Expanding Brake
Speed Gears Single Speed
Rear Derailleur No 
Handlebar Al Alloy
Stem Al Alloy
Brake Lever Al Alloy
Max Speed ≦32KM
Max Load 130KG
Distance Per Charge

50-60KM (under standard working conditions, pure electric drive)

100-120KM (under standard working conditions, 50% electric drive, 50% human pedals)

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Delivery ebike
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Reasonable budget delivery e-bike but with cost compromises. Superb style and powerful but super-economical motor performance that I must recommend. It will take you to your desired destination without compromising your deliveries. Very powerful motor and battery as well. Thanks MAXBIK!
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Delivery bike is my best buddy
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When it comes to the best electric bikes for delivery, Here is my top pick. Delivery services are quite competitive, so you need a bike that will provide an on-time service. Ideally, the best e-bike for delivery should deliver the package to the customers safely and in a reasonable time. This is really of great help in this trying times! Maxbik is the brand!
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Delivery e bike that is must recommend
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Exactly as advertised. Great service. Excellent service I would definitely use and buy again and recommend to others.

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Delivery electric bike for multi purposes
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Maxbik- Canada-based e-bike manufacturer that's been around providing us the comfort and affordability with durability! Incredible easy to set up and ride. If you like the idea of an electric bike for commuting but are a little intimidated by the many options around and want something as fuss-free as possible, then this MX-35 Electric Bike Delivery Ebike is a must for you.
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Delivery Ebike is a big help
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I'm trying to keep speed and range up while keeping costs and weight down so Ill prob steer clear of the cargo bikes. I'd definitely have some peace of mind buying a Maxbik MX-35 the cost for those is getting out of what I can actually afford. Very durable materials and easy to assemble.
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Experience the best delivery ebikes
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A rich experience for a modest budget. This one is a catch! Just a few years ago, seeing someone commuting on an electric device would have been a rare occurrence, but these days there are a lot of great options out there for people who are looking to decrease their carbon footprint and whizz around their respective cities at the same time. Looking for affordable and durable quality of ebikes? Look for maxbik!
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Super comfy and easy to ride
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With its road-inspired design and super smooth ride delivery electric bike from maxbik is our tip for the best electric bike available right now. Whether you're looking for something to take the sweat out of your daily commute, or a bike for long weekend rides, this electric hybrid could be just the ticket. If that's not enough, this is also one of the most affordable e-bikes available today. Highly recommended, and hugely enjoyable to ride.
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Delivery with comfort from this delivery ebikes
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Do you enjoy the freedom of cycling, but sometimes wish your panniers seemed lighter, the headwind less stiff, and the hills not quite so steep? Fancy arriving at your destination fresh and presentable rather than sweaty and rumpled? Then you’re already lusting after an e-bike. I have been working to delivery news papers in our hometown when I found out that ebikes could do a lot of task without the need for me to sweat out even more. This serves as my companion through and through. Trusted brand, trusted materials. This one is really amazing.
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My choice of ebike for delivery!
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This electric bike help you go unimpeded in the congested city and give you a good mood every morning.
Large-capacity battery life, switch between different travel needs at will, more riding fun and deliveries not getting hassle.
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best electric road bikes for delivery
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This bike is unrivaled in its class in terms of motor performance and the grin inducing ride. Best electric bike for getting up the hill fast. If you are looking for automatic assistance then this is the bike for you.
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