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MX-16 Foldable Electric Bike 14"

CAD$ 1,699
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MAXBIK MK-16 Premium Quality Electric Bike Foldable E-Bike 48V 300W Motor Rear Drive E-Bike 8.8 Ah Lithium Batter Pedal Assist Electric Bicycle 14”.The MX-16 is simple in structure and small in size. It can be folded easily and easily. It is especially suitable for teenagers and women. It is also a good tool for traveling to work.
Length 150cm
Width 60cm
Height 85-110cm(adjustable)
Net Weight 15kg
Charger AC 100V-240V Smart Charge
Charging time 4-6 Hours
Throttle Yes (N/A)
Mechanical Components
Frame Aluminium Alloy
Tyres 14 Inch
Saddle Yes
Rim Alloy One Piece
Chain KMC
Chain Wheel Steel
Rear Rack Yes 
Packing Information
Cartion Size 725*380*545
Container Load 120 UNITS/20FT 255 UNITS/40FT
Motor Brushless 300W
Battery Lithium Battery 48V 8.8AH
Foldable Yes
Displayer LED 
Light LED Front Light
Climbing Capacity 12°
Brake FR Disc Brake/RR Disc Brake
Speed Gears Single Speed
Rear Derailleur No
Handlebar Alloy
Stem Alloy Foldable
Phone Holder Yes
Max Speed ≦32KM
Max Load 120KG
Distance Per Charge

50-60KM (under standard working conditions, pure electric drive)

100-120KM (under standard working conditions, 50% electric drive, 50% human pedals)

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Best Foldable Ebikes ever found
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Electric and folding ebikes are the new in mode if transportation but what about a bike that’s both electric and foldable? Combining the ease of an e-bike with the convenience and portability of a folder, this combo could the perfect commuter for many users. Whizz to the station. Hop on the train. Unfurl your bike at the other end and make it to work without breaking a sweat. Yes! you heard me right, this one performs more than expected. A must recommend brand present in the market. Thanks MAXBIK! Your product is really a heaven sent.
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Snappy Bikes for my girls
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I bought this for my eldest who just turned 20 she is pleasantly thrilled. I love the fact that he has to push herself a little to engage the motor so that nothing wonky can happen. She pushes a few times, and then she can chose to engage the motor to take over. The motor does have a little speed, but not much; just enough to give him a little bit of a thrill (it's a throttle on the handle bar). I am considering ordering another for my younger daughter. Thanks MAXBIK for this wonderful experience!
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Foldable space saver ebike
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Ultra portable folding electric transporter that rides like a bike.Folding and unfolding is extremely fast plus the comfort is very practical. Thanks to Maxbik for introducing this to the market. Really helpful for us commuters.
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Foldable ebikes that you can count on
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As you might expect, an electric folding bike combines the benefits of folding bikes and those of electric bikes. The best e-bike for you will be dictated by your individual needs. How far you’re riding, how flat or hilly the ride is, and how much you want to spend. This product from MABIK is a heaven sent. The color is what I secondly love.
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Electric bike and is folding is amazing
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MX 16 is an electric Bike that can quickly fold when you need some extra room, but this e-bike packs quite a punch when you're ready for action and adventure. Power, convenience, and versatility make this rugged space-saver a truly unique addition to any arsenal. Yeah you heard it right. This product is really awesome to try. Thanks MAXBIK quality assurance and quality customer service. Thumbs up for that.
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Folding electric bike that is so fun
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For an extra boost on your ride to work, an electric folding bike could be the answer. With smaller wheels and a compact frame, a folder will pack down easily for storage, carrying and public transport. Plus, the compact folded size makes storage at home and when you get to work much easier. You can often buy a storage bag, so you can keep a mucky bike apart from other possessions. Grab that folding e bikes without making a second thought! Make sure its from the trusted brand! MAXBIK is the name.
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foldable electric bike
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Ultra affordable folding electric fat bike that looks pretty nice great utility here with sturdy steel fenders, rear cargo rack. Lighter and less expensive! A must try in the market now. Catch them on Amazon.
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female e-bike
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This super-affordable e-bike will impress you with its price and surprise you with its parts. What makes the perfect electric city bike? That depends on who you ask and where they live. As for me I only trust Maxbik! Good quality and super kind customer service.
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Ebike like the smoothest
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The e-bike that makes a little go a long way. It really is new and improved product from one of the most trusted BRAND in the industry. You can really count on when it comes to quality long rides.
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If you are into lightweight and foldable electric bike then this one is for you bike features a frame and components that fold , rotate or remove to improve portability and stirring potential. A good start to your cycling journey. Catch them on AMAZON.
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