加拿大MAXBIK NEW ENERGY LTD. 于2020年在素里市成立,公司产品为锂电助力自行车,包括山地车、城市骑行车、出租自行车、快递物流车,后续还将生产800W—3000W家用型应急储能电源,并逐步进军新能源汽车动力配套系统。






 期待您的加盟。欢迎访问我们的网站:www.maxbik.com,联系我们:+1 774-512-2439(中英文服务),+1 236-788-9756(中文服务),电子邮箱:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


MAXBIK New Energy LTD, Canada.

Provincial agents and sales partners WANTED !

MAXBIK NEW ENERGY LTD. was established in 2020 based on Surrey city, the company's main products is lithium-electric power bikes, including mountain bikes, city bikes, rental bicycles, express logistics bikes. In the future, will produce 800W-3000W household emergency energy power storage, and gradually into the new energy vehicle power supporting system.

At present, the SKD is from china's parent company, all parts have obtained North America, the European Union or Japan certification, at this stage our products are assembled in Canada with up to 18-24 months after-sales technical support and services, our warehouses located at Surrey center, followed by the establishment of local production plants, to realize Made in Canada, service in North America.

MAXBIK offers the highest quality products and competitive business price to the market, Now we are recruiting provincial agents and a variety of sales partners:

(1) Provincial Regional Agents (except Vancouver): Requires a fixed store for product display and capable to develop relevant local markets in a timely manner. Provincial regional agents will become the only agents in the province, to obtain the best business opportunity.

(2) Channel sales partners: own supermarkets, chain stores, bicycle rental shops, car 4S shops, trade associations and other channel resources. Maxbik will take the risk, but profits will share.

(3) Direct sales partners: have a wide range of contacts, master the end customer and provide sales services, individuals do not need to invest, according to sales to obtain a generous commission.

Look forward to your join. Welcome to our website: www.maxbik.com,

contact us at:

1 774-512-2439 (Chinese and English service),

1 236-788-9756 (Chinese service)

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Customer Care

  • Phone(Fax):+1 2365477718
  • Mobile:+1 2367889756
  • Shop Phone:+1 7785372184
  • Email:sales@maxbik.com


Service Center(Shop Address):
104 A 15252 – 32nd Avenue, Surrey, BC V3S 0R7 (Phone: 7785372184)

Company Address:

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